Eco Friendly lawns

Mulching Lawnmowers offer natural lawn care

Your garden can be a valuable asset to your home.  During the spring and summer you will spend much of your quality time enjoying your garden as an extension of the house.  To this end your lawn is the most important area, it needs to be durable, neat, tidy and above all healthy.

Why mulch your grass clippings?

Grass clippings make a great slow release fertiliser if mulched correctly and left in the lawn.  Throwing away grass cuttings only adds to the already overloaded landfill sites and of course wastes valuable nutrients and time.  To quantify the amount of grass being wasted - a lawn the size of a tennis court will produce in the region of 1¼ tons of grass clippings per year, which is the equivalent of 9 tons per acre.

Why use fertiliser?

By dumping our grass clippings instead of recycling them we waste huge amounts of nitrogen, phosphate and potash.  To put this in perspective, a lawn the size of a tennis court would produce 33lbs of nitrogen, 30lbs of potash and 10.3lbs of phosphate in one year, that all adds up to some very impressive figures.  If we stretch those numbers to an acre of lawn it looks like 242lbs of nitrogen, 224lbs of potash and 76lbs of phosphate.

Feed the natural way

Healthy soil is full of micro-organisms, earth worms and beneficial insects.  Feeding these creatures regularly with organic matter can actually improve the quality of your soil and your lawn.  Finely chopped grass from a mulching deck provides a banquet for these tiny animals and plants.  The smaller the particles of organic matter the quicker they break down and release valuable elements and humus to the soil.  This is the natural way to a better looking, greener lawn.

Why use pesticides?

Pesticides and fertilisers become necessary for weak and unhealthy lawns; generally the worse they are the longer treatment is required.  A lawn fed naturally by recycling trace elements will be healthier, thicker growing and greener than a lawn with all the goodness removed at every mowing.  Artificial chemical assistance is not normally needed on a lawn cut with a mulching mower.

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