Perfect Lawns in half the time

Mulching mowers create free fertiliser for lawns

Unlike conventional mowers new style mulching lawnmowers operate a system which recycles grass clippings as you mow.

Mulching lawnmowers chop grass clippings into fine particles and push the particles right down into the turf out of sight.  There are no grass bags or collectors to empty - no trips the compost heap or tip.  The result is a perfect lawn finish that’s some 30% quicker.

Save time and effort!

By using a purpose built mulching lawnmower you will get a perfect lawn and save time.  If you use a mower with a mulching deck you will not only finish the lawn mowing faster you will also have a healthier lawn.

Mulching lawnmowers efficiently cut and re-cut the grass clippings into tiny particles, the particles are then blown back deep into the lawn.

As a result you have no clippings to dispose of, no trips to the tip or piles of rotting grass in your garden, and because the clippings are turned into such fine particles NO raking is required.

Depending on the quality of the design of the lawn mulching deck on the mower you buy clippings virtually disappear!  And hey presto you have a lawn cut to perfection in a fraction of the time taken with a conventional mower!

Cut and fertilise your lawn at the same time!

Not only are mulching mowers quicker, they return valuable nutrients back into the lawn.  You don’t need to add fertiliser or “weed and feed” products.

Research showed that as much as 121lbs of nitrogen, 112lbs of potash and 38lbs of phosphate were available from the clippings of a ½ acre lawn in one year!

Mulching lawn mowers recycle those nutrients back into your lawn saving you time and money!

Grass disposal – a thing of the past!

Using a mulching system not only saves time and money it eliminates the need to dispose of grass clippings along with piles of rotting grass associated with conventional mowers. You can eliminate this chore at a stroke!

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