Mulching reduces “thatch”

Contrary to the old wives tale, mulching actually reduces thatch, simply cutting and leaving long grass on a lawn may provide the conditions for thatch build-up however correct mulching reduces thatch by creating a much more healthy soil and root zone.

There are many causes of thatch build up such as:

  1. Grass type

    Some grass varieties are more prone to thatch than others.  Good quality lawn grass is important.

  2. Soil compaction

    Soil that is heavily compacted can result in thatch build-up.

  3. Over watering

    Do not over water as this also contributes towards the thatch environment.

  4. Over fertilisation

    This can contribute towards thatch build-up in as much as the grass will be growing abnormally vigorously and need aggressive cutting.  These ‘leggy’ grass plants are not actually robust and healthy and may cause thatch build-up.

What is “thatch”

Thatch is a spongy layer of stems, root stolons and partially decomposed organic matter that has accumulated on the surface of the soil.  If left untreated thatch forms a layer preventing healthy grass growth with the lawn dependent on artificial additives to survive.

Thatch is however extremely easy to remove with the aid of a garden machine called a scarifier.

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