Perfect Lawns in half the time

How mulching mowers work

The secret of the success of a good mulching mower is in the cutting deck design. The deck is aerodynamically designed on the underside to make the air, and the grass cuttings suspended in the air, travel in two directions.  At the same time as air and grass clippings move in a rotary direction around the inside of the deck they also travel in a vortex which allows the grass to pass through the cutting cycle many, many, times.  Finally both air and finely chopped grass particles are blown out of the cutting deck with a positive downward pressure to conceal the particles of grass in the base of the turf.

In addition to specifically designed cutting decks mulching mowers also feature a specially designed blade to provide the air flow required.  Beware of mowers that claim to collect and mulch as there will always be a compromise on performance, a collecting mower typically cuts the blade of grass only once before blowing cuttings into a collector.

Why is mulching quicker by 30%

Quite simply mulching grass is quicker than collecting because there is no need to stop mowing to empty the collector.  A mulching mower travels at a similar speed to a collecting mower but keeps mowing without regular emptying stops until the lawn is finished which, depending on grass volume, is at least 30% quicker than collecting.

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