Mulching mowers mow better

Quick guide to mowing better with a mulching mower

Remember the one third rule – never remove more than one third of the length of the blade of grass whenever you mow.  This is good advice no matter what type of mower you use!

Mow High

Set the mowing height to about 1½ to 2 inches for most lawns, this will develop deeper root growth and crowd out weeds.
The one third rule also recommends that you should mow your grass before it is 3” high.  A mulching cutter deck will have no problem chopping one inch of clippings into tiny particles and concealing them in the remaining standing grass.
Leaving grass to reach 5-6” high would make it impossible for any mower to hide 3-4” of chopped clippings in just 2” of lawn.

Mow Often

Remove only one third of the grass length at each mowing. Try to mow weekly, especially in spring – cutting too much at once stresses the grass.  Every two weeks will probably be often enough in the summer.

Choose a Mulching lawnmower

For clean mowing that leaves no visible clippings, you need a dedicated "mulching" mower.  They chop clippings extremely finely and blow them down into the lawn so they disappear and won't be tracked into your house.