Mulching Mower guide

A quick guide to choosing a mulching lawnmower

Here we explore the types of mulching mowers which are available to help you choose one that's right for you.

Electric mulching mowers

Electric mowers are much quieter than petrol models, and there are no exhaust fumes.  For small gardens, a mains electric mower may be the perfect grass recycling machine.

In general, electric mowers are not as powerful as petrol mowers, so they usually have slightly shorter blades and will have to be pushed a little slower in overgrown, wet grass - but they're easy to start, easy on your ears, and good for air quality too!

As with petrol engine mowers the quality of construction varies with price.  Higher priced models generally last longer and are more reliable making them more cost effective over time.

Petrol mulching mowers

You can now buy petrol engine pedestrian lawnmowers that offer Mulching cutting systems. 

Specifically designed mulching mowers will recycle grass much better than conventional collecting mowers that are later converted to mulching.

Power driven mulching models are usually more expensive than hand propelled machines and are designed for cutting slopes or larger gardens.
Whichever petrol mower you choose, try to run the petrol tank dry when you stop mowing in the autumn to avoid the residue left in the tank going stale.

Quality of construction varies with price - choosing a higher priced model usually means it will last longer and be more reliable, working out more cost effective in the long run.

Ride on mulching mowers

For larger areas ride-on mulching mowers make life much easier, you can cut your grass without having to stop and empty the collector saving time and allowing you to concentrate on the job. 

On lawns of this size disposal of grass clippings can be a real problem, you may well have piles of rotting grass all over the place.  Mulching mowers solve this problem by recycling clippings back into the soil.

The time saved compared to conventional collecting systems and improvement in lawn quality make mulching ride-on mowers an ideal choice for large gardens.