Lawn Mulching Tips

Follow these simple steps, to produce beautiful mulching results:


  1. Follow the "one-third" rule.  Never cut more than the top third of the grass.
  2. Leave grass about half an inch longer than you would normally if you were discharging or collecting the clippings.
  3. Keep your mower blades sharp. Mulching tends to dull blades faster than other methods of mowing.  Sharpen them more often, if necessary.
  4. Water the lawn after mulching, not before.  Dry clippings disperse more easily than moist ones.  Watering after the lawn has been mulched helps clippings settle better and speeds up decomposition.
  5. Reduce fertiliser usage.  The clippings you give back to the lawn return nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil, you may not need to use any artificial fertilisers.
  6. Use the correct cutter blades.  Don't be fooled by after market "mulching" blades.  Only the proper combination of air flow, chamber design and blades will produce optimum mulching results.